Monobook Wiki is a group project on Wikia in which users from any wiki can request a Monobook theme be made for their wiki.


Monobook Wiki started before the wiki's creation when one of its co-founders, Jäzzi would work on several themes upon users' requests. On February 4, 2012, the idea of creating a wiki where users can request Monobook themes was brought up by Godisme. Together, Jäzzi and Godisme founded Monobook wiki where they brought upon Wattz2000 shortly after the wiki was made. Since its creation in February of 2012, Monobook Wiki has aided several wikis by making Monobook themes upon request.

In July of 2012, Godisme left the team for reasons regarding his personal life. The Monobook Wiki team added another addition afterward in early August of 2012, KATANAGOD.

How it works

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Users from all walks of life on Wikia come and go to Monobook Wiki in order to get their wiki a new, vibrant theme for the Monobook skin. Users are encouraged to ask whatever questions they may have regarding their theme – questions about how their themes via the forums or the user talk page of the user undergoing the theme. The request forums themselves are broken up into three categories – "theme requests," "tips," and "fixes."

In "Theme Requests," users can request full themes to be made for their wiki. Though times of completion may vary, ideally, themes requested here are to be answered to within the day, and be finished within the week. The "Tips" forum is to be used on Monobook-specific CSS tricks and tips. Here, users can ask how to do certain things with CSS such as moving a searchbar, transparency, rounding borders, and anything else they may have an issue about regarding how to do something with their theme. The "Fixes" forum features forums in which users can ask for something to be changed with their theme, which could be anything such as a quick fix of a border or moving around an object, or some possible minor JS changes.

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