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Please follow the guidelines for requesting the wiki's theme.
When requesting a theme, don't forget to sign (~~~~) your post.
Please link to your wiki. We cannot create your theme without a link to your wiki.

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Topic Last Edit Last Author
1209 Secondary Wikia21:41, November 10, 2016Mb1209
Gravity Falls Wiki02:15, August 31, 2016Slayingthehalcyon
Bzdetopedia Wikia21:31, December 14, 2015Szprot
Puchałkę Wiki19:35, October 11, 2015Szprot
Shtipedia17:45, October 3, 2015TechMountenDew
HassanLechkar/MeerkatMario Wiki16:14, July 23, 2015MeerkatMario
OnyxKing Wiki12:39, July 10, 2015SF12
Wikiepadi Wiki23:29, March 30, 2015TheMoarKrabsSquirrel
Hermit Wiki23:16, February 19, 2015Original Authority
Wander Over Yonder вики01:07, January 22, 2015Cake's are the Best
Tokyo Mew Mew Wiki02:38, November 6, 2014Chimera-gui
תומספדיה17:49, October 7, 2014TheIsraeliSudrian
Musician's Guide Wiki02:15, September 11, 2014JPhil2.0
Wiki Super Smash Bros.22:34, June 22, 2014FDN
It's a SpongeBob Christmas!23:44, May 16, 2014Fubuki風吹
Wiccapaedia23:32, April 17, 2014Venxm
Creepypasta Wiki - Polish19:09, December 18, 2013Fubuki風吹
Wiki Winner19:07, December 18, 2013Fubuki風吹
Urusei Yatsura Wiki16:29, November 1, 2013Ryoga04
Creepypasta Wiki03:51, September 30, 2013Prince(ss) Platinum
One Piece Fanon Wiki17:28, September 29, 2013Jäzzi
Webkinz Wikia16:25, July 6, 2013Jäzzi
MadGenius Wiki16:24, July 6, 2013Jäzzi
Inazuma Eleven Wiki15:08, July 6, 2013Yatalu
Here to request a theme?12:47, October 13, 2012Wattz2000
Completed Requests
Topic Last Edit Last Author
Mario Kart Racing Wiki07:20, May 9, 2014Fubuki風吹
Elder Scrolls wiki16:11, November 2, 2013Fubuki風吹
Simba's Pride14:08, September 8, 2013Yuzura
Charmed Fan Fiction Wikia12:00, July 26, 2013Original Authority
Monster Hunter Fanon16:15, July 6, 2013Jäzzi
Halloween Wiki07:46, June 16, 2013Jäzzi
Hvetshran Wiki07:14, June 9, 2013Yatalu
TechFilmer Wiki12:23, May 4, 2013Yuzura
Pl.goldpedia.wikia.com00:47, April 27, 2013Yuzura
General basic black theme22:58, April 21, 2013Yuzura
Wikivisión02:58, April 6, 2013Yuzura
Rhythm Heaven Wiki20:11, February 7, 2013DangerousDangerously
Amnesia Wiki20:04, February 7, 2013DangerousDangerously
Yami Wiki01:05, December 28, 2012DangerousDangerously
Katanagatari Wiki13:57, December 15, 2012Wattz2000
One Direction Lyricpedia13:57, December 15, 2012Wattz2000
One Direction Wiki13:57, December 15, 2012Wattz2000
Zaregoto Series Wiki16:33, November 16, 2012Wattz2000
Green Lantern: The Animated Series Wiki13:21, October 28, 2012Wattz2000
Green Lantern The Animated Series Wiki13:21, October 28, 2012Wattz2000
I Am A Superstar Wiki13:21, October 28, 2012Wattz2000
K Project Wiki18:14, October 27, 2012White Flash
Personal Monobook.css (User:Parax.)15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Fatal Frame Wiki15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Medaka Box Wiki15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Ben 10 Fan Fiction15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Friends tvshow wiki15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Monsunopedia15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Fairy Tail Wiki15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Bomberman15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Xiaolinpedia15:34, September 22, 2012Wattz2000
Warrior Cats WWorld Wiki00:30, July 7, 2012Wattz2000
Mythology Wiki01:50, June 27, 2012ISodium

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